Abdulrahman Saleh is visual artist a Saudi-raised and based. originally from Somalia. His goal is to document common people's lives and stories of inspiration, with a specific focus on the lives and traditions of expatriate communities on the streets of Saudi Arabia's cities. He is an award-winning photographer and his work is extremely moving, intimate and human-centred. He develops a unique connection with his subjects and uses photography as a medium to elicit emotions through visual depictions of people, events and everyday life.
After 2 pm Exhibition, L’Art Pur Gallery. 2022
- Kingdom of Cultures Exhibit, Ithra. 2020
- Love Your Heritage, L’Art Pur Gallery. 2019
- The Quest For Our Next Concern, Studio AF. 2019
- Every Possible Angel, Misk Art. 2018
- Wst Almadina, Huawei & Qomra. 2018
Articles & Podcast

- List Magazine. 2023
Destination Jeddah. 2022
- CNN. 2020
- Inertia Network. 2020
- Dhaw, Marsala Studio. 2019
Award & Nominations

- Photography Category, Saleh Alazzaz Award. 2019
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